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"Shawty" is slang for the word 'Shorty,' but it can also mean an attractive girl.

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2011-01-22 16:00:48
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Q: Why do all rappers songs have shawty as the girls name?
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What is shawty shawty's real name?

south coast shawty real name is trinice ricks and she has 3 girls

Why do they always say shawty in songs?

They say it to disguise the name of people that the singers are talking about. Shawty means either "short" or "beautiful".

What is the girls name from Justin Bieber's mistletoe music video?


Who is shawty in Justin Bieber songs?

shawty is the current girlfriend he is with in his songs he just doesnt say her name instead he replaces her name with the word shawty That's his nickname for Keasly. Watch the "One Time" music video and he calls her and it says Keasly (sorry if I miss spelled Kealy!)

What name is used most in all songs?

I would have to say that Anne is the most used name in all of song.. Victorious98 says: lately a ton of songs have been using the name shawty

Why do so many singers sing songs about Shawty?

because, it's not saying any ones name but it's referring to almost any female.

What girls name is used the most in songs?


What is a guy's name for shawty?


Who is Shawnee in Justin Bieber songs?

It's "shawty" and it is just a name that guys tend to use when refering to their girfriends. Have you ever heard a guy call a girl that before? It usually shows their compassion and love for her. So, "shawty" could be talking about a girl he admires, a girl he likes, or just a name he decided to use.

What is the common name for the Native American calumet?


What is Shawty Lo's real name?

Carlos Walker

What is Justin Bieber's gog name?

Shawty mane

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