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The Beatles stopped performing live for a variety of reasons. One, they couldn't hear themselves due to the screaming of the teenage girls who invariably showed up at their concerts. Of course, the people who came to their shows couldn't hear them either. So what was the point of playing live anymore? At that time amps and p.a. systems were quite primitive and underpowered and simply couldn't provide the volume needed to rise above the thunderous audiences. Second, they were actually fearful for their lives, having received numerous death threats and endured some truly dreadful experiences while on the road. Third, they had by 1966 performed together many many hundreds of times; they (particularly George and John) simply were weary of going on the road. Fourth, they were experimenting with new sounds and arrangements and felt they could not reproduce their new material live; therefore they felt a focus on recording was more appropriate. Fifth, they made a lot of money from releasing records. They didn't really need the income from live appearances. I'm sure there are many other reasons...these are just a few.

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Q: Why did the Beatles stop playing live concerts?
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