Why did milo stokes quit 2much?

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2011-01-26 19:22:20

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Because 2much wanted to slit from TUG records. and I think chris stokes who owns that label is some kind of kin to him and he didn't want to leave.

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2011-01-26 19:22:20
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Q: Why did milo stokes quit 2much?
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Have 2much a girlfrend?

Milo does, I forgot her name.

What is 2much real name?

Marcel-Marcel D. Wildly Lo-Milo M. Stokes Lil' C-Christopher S. Cheeks Myles-Myles C. Cleveland # Marcel Dion Wildy # Milo Monteyea Stokes # Myles Coby Cleveland # Christoper Stacey Cheeks # && its in age order too!!

Why did milo leave 2much?

he wanted his own singing career

How old is milo from 2much?

i think he is 17 or 19 or possible 18............

Where did Milo go from 2 much?

Milo had to leave the group over some differences. Marcel wrote on the "" blog that Milo didn't Voluntarily leave the group and Milo is still apart of 2much no matter what happened. I don't know the EXACT reason why Milo is not in the group but Milo is still friends with Marcel, Myles and Chris.

What are the names of the members of 2 much?

Marcel Wildy Chris Cheeks Milo Stokes Myles Cleveland

Are 2much related?

No but they are very close friends.Chris,Marcel and Milo formed the group then Myles was discovered and then he joined the group.the group formed in 2003 and they have been together ever since.

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The cast of Somebody Help Me 2 - 2010 includes: Omarion Grandberry as Darryl Marques Houston as Brendan Kristen Quintrall as Receptionist Heather Raelynn Bryson as Samantha Milo Stokes as John Irene Stokes as Nurse Chris Stokes as OG Chrissy Stokes as Tee Tee

Is myles from 2much a virgin?


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Is marcel from 2much a virgin?

Marcel is a virgin.

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