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the wwe does not fake injuries because i talked to the wwe management and they said that the injuries are not fake. Most of the wwe superstars actually have bad injuries and have to have to have surgery on the muscles or the bones to make them to mend back into place.
December 2008,
Injuries are not faked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of times WWE fakes injuries, only to make the injury seen more severe then it actually is.

November 15, 2009 Sorry person above me you are very wrong, I know for a fact that injuries are NOT faked!!! Nor do they make it more severe than it actually is, your comment just proves you have never been in a Wrestling match or been injuried in one!! The only thing fake is the storyline!! I know from experience.

Some injuries are faked. They do that a lot of times so the wrestler can just take time off.

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Q: Why Does WWE fake injuries?
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Is the fighting in WWE real?

It is fake but the injuries are real

Is WWE stuff that goes on is it fake or true?

Fake to some degree. Injuries do happen, but mostly all scripted.

Are the injuries on WWE real?

Some injuries on wwe are real others are for the story lines they are running. If u look up wrestling bloopers on youtube u can see real injuries and fake ones.

Is the WWE real at hitting?

No, the WWE is fake. If it were real, most of the wrestlers would either be dead or seriously paralized and massove injuries.

How do the WWE superstars get hurt if WWE is fake?

First off... WWE is not fake, it's scripted. The moves they do in the ring are as real as they get.... except for some punches and kicks. The tables in WWE are pre-broken and just repatched so when superstars go through a table, they don't really feel anything.. Injuries are real. Except when they are kayfabe injuries as part of a storyline.

Is WWE wrestle fake?

YES! == Yes, it is choreographed, but the participants still can suffer real injuries and it is hard on the body physically.

Is WWE fake wrestle?

YES! == Yes, it is choreographed, but the participants still can suffer real injuries and it is hard on the body physically.

Is WWE ever going to be real?

Most of it IS REAL. But 20% of it IS FAKE. IF WWE was "REAL" You would see more injuries, less action, more cancled shows...

Is WWE moves fake or real?

WWE is not fake it is scripted.

Is WWE fake or reel?

yes the WWE do actually fake it

Is WWE 2012 still fake?

Yes WWE is still fake

How is WWE fiolent?

wwe is violent because of what they do .... it may not all be real but they have proven that when the superstars get injured it is real injuries...some is fake and some is real its still fun to watch for entertainment! =]

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