Who wrote the song please Mr postman?

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The song was originally written by William Garnet, he then gave it to Georgia Dobbins of the Marvelettes who then rewrote it.

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Q: Who wrote the song please Mr postman?
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What does the hand clapping at the beginning of the song mr postman?

The clapping at the beginning of the song "Please Mr. Postman" is known as the hook.

When was Please Mr. Postman created?

Please Mr. Postman was created in 1961-04.

Where can one find more information about the song Postman?

There is no song simply known as Postman. The song "Please Mr. Postman", popularized by The Marvelettes, is a song standard. There is also a song known as The Postman Song, which is officially titled Because I Love You (The Postman Song), which topped the charts in 1990.

When was Please Mr. Postman - album - created?

Please Mr. Postman - album - was created on -19-07-04.

Where can you get the song please mr postman by the Pat Boone family?

Try youtube. I have the 45 and will upload it soon

On what beatles album is please mr postman on?

With The Beatles

Which song crossed racial boundaries by achieving success on both the R and B and pop charts?

Please Mr. Postman

What year did the Beatles record Please Mr Postman?

The Beatles song "Please Mr. Postman", which appeared on their second album With the Beatles in November 1963, was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on July 30, 1963, along with four other songs from the same album.

What was Shirelles and the Marvelettes biggest hit?

Please Mr. Postman

Do fairy tales have postmen?

Not that I know of, but the mail men do figure in popular song: The Letter, Please Mr. Postman, Twistin" Postman, some songs also take the form of a letter of diary entry.

What are the release dates for Seven Little Monsters - 2000 Please Mr- Postman 1-6?

Seven Little Monsters - 2000 Please Mr- Postman 1-6 was released on: USA: 2000

Did the Beatles sing Please Mr Postman?

They weren't the first, but the Beatles did cover the song on With the Beatles. It first appeared on The Beatles' Second Album in the US.

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