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Roadrunner would win the race. In the coyote roadrunner Cartoons, Wile E Coyote can always catch up to the roadrunner. To someone who takes the time to really think about this it is clear that Wile E is moving faster than Roadrunner. The fact that the coyote can never catch the roadrunner shows that Roadrunner is too lucky. I don't think Sonic is faster than Roadrunner. Even if he is he wouldn't be able to pass the roadrunner. One more thing to think about is that Roadrunner is so fast he moves roads by running on them! As far as I know, Sonic can't do that. BEEP BEEP!

Actually Sonic would win because there are some things that sonic can do to help him win:

1.He can go supersonic.

2:He can use an chaos emerald to go faster.

or 3:He can just Stop Time for a little and win the race while Roadrunner is still.

so...technically sonic would win in a race.

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βˆ™ 2010-04-02 19:09:26
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Q: Who would win in a race sonic or roadrunner?
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