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Bear. The bear would just eat it.

Another AnswerThe bear would win, no questions asked. Bears can challenge and win easily against gorillas.
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2012-01-06 06:59:56
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Q: Who would win a fight between an ape or a bear?
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Who would win ape or man?

It would depend if the man had super powers, or was just stacked, or if the ape was a baby or fully grown and big. Most of the time the ape would win. N.B. Only put about powers cause of the category the question is in!

What's an animal that best describes your boss?

Dog Monkey/Ape Bear Cat Lion Donkey (Family Feud Answers)

Who would win a lion or an ape?

A lion, without a doubt. An adult lion can easily kill a human ape (which are big as far as apes go) with one swipe of their paw.

What are the release dates for Ape Escape - 2008 Time Machine 1-33?

Ape Escape - 2008 Time Machine 1-33 was released on: USA: 2009

What would win in a fight a polar bear or a silver back gorilla?

Although a gorilla is one of the strongest land animals on the planet, the polar bear has 6 inch claws that could easily tear a silverback to shreds before it could get a good enough punch on it. polar bears are also larger then gorillas giving quite an advantage. So definitely the polar That's correct but I'll give the answer in more detail, An adult male Polar bear can be 10 feet (3 metres) on its hind legs, they can weight up to 680 kg and lift a weight equivalent to two tonnes. An adult male Silver back gorilla can weight up to 230 kg, and can lift the equivalent of 500 kg of weight. Male silverbacks are usually between 5'9-6'2 feet tall (1.5-1.7 metres). A polar bear is carnivorous and therefore has powerful canines and jaws, whilst a gorilla is herbivorous but yet has hundreds of muscles throughout the body. Due to the polar bears' size, weight and diet it would have to win; as it's triple a gorillas MAXIMUM weight, polar bears have alot of fur and blubber, and finally razor sharp 5 inch claws would allow it to rip the ape to shreds. Also, gorillas do not punch, rather they throw stuff or grab in order to defend itself, so grabbing at a polar bear's thick fur is definitely no defense against those sharp claws and teeth. Definitely the polar bear would win. Polar bears are very huge in size compared with gorillas and have strong claws/jaws that could easily destroy the gorilla. Since gorillas only throw sticks/stones, pound their chests, or tear with their powerful hands, a gorilla would be dead after the deadly swipes.

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