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I first read the Harry Potter books at age 6, and finished at age 7;

I bet there are younger readers though.

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Q: Who was the youngest person To finish full Harry Potter series?
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How do you finish Harry Potter the computer game?

There are several PC-based games from the Harry Potter series. Which game are you speaking of?

Who was Lily Potter in the Harry Potter series?

Lily Potter was Harry Potter's mother. Maiden name Lily Evans. Lily Potter is also the name of Harry Potter's only daughter and youngest child. Her middle name is Luna.

In which year did JK Rowling finish writing the Harry Potter series?

11th January 2007.

What is the point of view of the Harry Potter series?


Who was the youngest person to read the full Harry Potter series and what age were they?

Such things are not recorded and the information would near impossible to prove.

What is the happiest moment in the Harry Potter series?

The happiest moment in the Harry Potter series is probably the day Voldemort dies but it is different for each person.

Is Harry Potter part of the order of the Phoenix?

Well, if you mean series-wise, Order of the Phoenix is book five in the best-seller series. But, so far as book five, Harry Potter is not part of the Order. You and I will have to finish the series and see if he joins!

Did you enjoy the Harry Potter series?

obviously it would vary on the person, but personally I LOVED the Harry potter series, all the books are amazing and I definitely recommend it.

What is the point of view in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

The Harry Potter Series is always written in 3rd person.

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No. Ron married Hermione Granger. There is no such person in the Harry Potter Series called Emiy Ranger.

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