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The first white female artist to record for Motown records or one of it's labels was DEBBIE DEAN who signed in 1960.

Chris Clark (born in Santa Cruz, California) was the first white female artist to have a HIT record with Motown. Her single "Loves Gone Bad" became an R&B hit in 1966. Her singles were released on Motown's VIP label, but her album "Soul Sounds" (1967) was released on the Motown label. Clark was a bigger star for Motown in England than in the USA and continues to perform in the UK to this day. Chris Clark later became Vice President of Motown Pictures in the early 70s and co-wrote the screenplay for "Lady Sings the Blues" in 1972, getting an Oscar nomination for her efforts.

Kiki Dee was signed in 1969.

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Q: Who was the first white female artist signed to Motown records?
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Who was the first white artist signed by Motown records?

The first white artist signed to Motown Records was DEBBIE DEAN in 1960. The first white artist signed to Motown Records with a hit was CHRIS CLARK in 1966 with "Loves Gone Bad" on their VIP label. The album containing that song was released the following year on the Motown label and was called "Soul Sounds".

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Who was the first white artist signed by Motown?

Kiki Dee

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He Signed With Motown Records

Who was the first white british artist signed by Motown?

Kiki Dee

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The Jackson Five signed their first record contract in 1968 with Motown Records.

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Well, in 1968 he was only 10 years of age. But he did get signed to Motown Records!

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