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Lindsay Wagner

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2010-02-11 19:40:58
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Q: Who starred as the title character of the 1976 TV series The Bionic Woman?
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Who starred in the television series The Bionic Woman?

Lindsay Wagner starred as Jamie Sommers in the television series Bionic Woman. The series aired from 1976-1978. The show also stars Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks.

What happened to the bionic woman?

i am assuming that you are referring to the new version of the bionic woman TV series that starred Michelle Ryan as the bionic woman. if so, i read that it was cancelled, & that the series may have gotten cancelled due to the writers strike that occurred in 2007 or 2008. a DVD of the bionic woman,s 8 episode series run,starring Michelle Ryan is available for purchase.

What movie did Steve Austin played by Lee Majors died?

Lee Majors starred in three Six-Million-Dollar Man films after the series ended. See below. The character did not die in any of them. "The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" (1987) "Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" (1989) "Bionic Ever After?" (1994)

Who played The Bionic Woman?

Lindsay Wagner played the Bionic Woman in the classic series. Michelle Ryan plays the Bionic Woman in the new series airing on NBC on September 26.

In the 2007 show Bionic Woman what is the name of the title character's boyfriend?


What is the duration of The Bionic Woman?

The duration of The Bionic Woman is 2880.0 seconds.

How did the bionic woman become bionic?

She was skydiving

When did The Bionic Woman end?

The Bionic Woman ended on 1978-05-13.

When was The Bionic Woman created?

The Bionic Woman was created on 1976-01-14.

What 1964 through 1965 CBS prime time television series starred Bob Cummings and a certain actress on what could possibly have been the 1964 version of the BIONIC WOMAN?

The show was called "My Living Doll" with Julie Newmar.

What is Bionic woman's new name in the TV series?

Jaime Sommers. I think. I found it out on a website! lol

What 2007-debuting NBC show is a remake of a 1976 series starring Lindsay Wagner?

Bionic Woman

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