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Q: Who sold more albums Eminem or Biggie Smalls?
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Who sold more albums eminem or biggie?

Eminem he is third with 180,000,000 copies sold first is Michael Jackson second is the beatles

Who has more sold albums Usher or Eminem?

eminem had more sold albums

Who is more famous Tupac or biggie?

tupac because he had more hitting albums than biggie did.

Who has more albums lil wayne or eminem?


Who sold more albums eminem or Tupac?

Eminem has sold more albums. Eminem has sold around 86.5 million albums worldwide. Tupac has sold around 78 million albums worldwide. This puts Eminem around 6.5 million albums ahead of Tupac.

Who has sold more albums biggie or 2pac?

2Pac. has sold 75 million albums world wide biggie. has sold 31 million albums world wide

Who sold more albums Eminem or jay-z?


Who has sold more albums Dr Dre or eminem?


Who has sold more albums Eminem or vannila ice?


What rap artists have diamond albums?

Biggie (Life after Death), MC Hammer, and Eminem... that's it. Eminem hasn't had a RIAA certified diamond album. (marshall mathers Lp has definitely sold more than 10 mil but they havnt updated same goes with most 9 mil rap albums) Outkast went diamond. Worldwide.... 2pac, 50 cent, and Eminem have diamond albums with 2pac ad Eminem having more than one diamod albums. The only ra artists to go diamond in the U.S. is Biggie, MC hammer, and Outkast (only because it was a double album.

Who sold most albums 2pac or Eminem?

Eminem has sold many about 60 million more albums.

Who has more albums hannah montana and Miley Cyrus or Eminem?


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