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The song is called Full Moon and it is by a band called The Black Ghosts.

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2009-04-16 13:43:56
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Q: Who sings the song that plays at the beginning of the Twilight movie when Bella is leaving from Phoenix to Forks?
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When do they play the song full moon in the movie twilight?

It plays at the very beginning as Bella is leaving Phoenix and heading to the airport to go to Forks.

When in the movie twilight did the song full moon play?

At the beginning, while Bella is talking about leaving Phoenix. It plays throughout her trip to Forks.

In the beginning of the book twilight where did Bella move to?

Bella moves from her original home in phoenix, Arizona to go live with her dad in forks, Washington

How long does Bella stay in Phoenix in twilight?

Bella has stayed in Phoenix her whole life but when she was little she used to go to Forks in her summer holidays to visit her Dad. She is very upset about leaving but she is happy to see her dad.

What suburb did Bella of Twilight live in in Phoenix?

It is not known what suburb Bella lived in Phoenix with her mom. Bella moves from Phoenix to Washington state to live with her dad.

What town did Bella come from in Twilight?

She came from Phoenix, Arizona.

Where was the fight of twilight?

in Bella's old ballet studio in phoenix

Who drove Bella to the airport in twilight?

Her mother who lived in Phoenix.

Where is Bella at the beginning of the Twilight movie?


In twilight where did Bella first live?

Bella lived in Pheonix with her mother Renee

Is twilight in Hawaii?

Twilight starts with Bella's home in Phoenix Arizona, then she moves to Forks Washington

Where does Bella's mother live?

she lives in phoenix, Arizona at the beginning ofTwilight, but moves to Jacksonville Florida (when Phil gets signed with the suns) at the end of Twilight.

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