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Q: Who said wars come and go but your soldiers stay eternal?
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What is 'My soldiers stay eternal' in Latin?

The Latin equivalent of 'My soldiers stay eternal' is Milites mei manent sempiterni [or aeterni]. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'milites' means 'soldiers'. The possessive adjective 'mei' means 'my'. The verb 'manent' means '[they] are staying, do stay, stay'. The adjectives 'sempiterni' and 'aeterni' each mean 'eternal'.

When was Stay - Eternal song - created?

Stay - Eternal song - was created on 1993-09-20.

What are 5 events in Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

1: Annemarie, Ellen and Kirsti are walking and then they find 2 soldiers on the corner of the street. 2: The soldiers found out all the names of the Jews. 3: Ellen came to stay with Annemarie because it was said that soldiers would come to her house. 4: Ellen had to pretend to be Lise when the soldiers came to Annemarie's house. 5: When the soldiers come to Annemarie's house, Annemarie yanks Ellen's necklace off so the soldiers wouldn't think she was a Jew and then it gave her hand a mark, because of holding it so tight.

What is quartering of soldiers?

It's letting soldiers stay in your house.

What does the word quartering mean in the context of the declaration of independence?

As in the quartering of soldiers? Being forced to provide a place for soldiers to stay- we throw you out of your house (or part of it) and allow soldiers to stay there.

Do people have to leave their homes during a time of war?

Yes they do because if they stay then the soldiers might come in and kill them or burn the house down.

If Odysseus will only stay with her Calypso offers him?

Immortality/Eternal Life.

How did the soldiers stay hygienic in the trenches?

they didn't

Did soldiers stay at Walt Disney's house?

no they did not

Why does Gatsby feel married to daisy?

because he used to stay with daisy and she said she would wait for him to come from war.

How did WW1 soldiers stay awake?

Suggested caffiene but was there a substance issued to front-line soldiers?

Act that allowed british soldiers to stay in homes?

It was the Quartering act made by the british soldiers. It allowed them to stay in your home and eat your food without payment.

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