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In Die Hard With A Vengeance (Die Hard III) 1995, directed by John McTiernan and starring Brucie Willis and Samuel L. Jackson; the villian, Simon Gruber, is played by British actor, Jeremy Irons. Simon Gruber is the brother of the original Die Hard villain, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).

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2010-05-01 11:59:58
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Q: Who plays the villain in Die Hard with a vengence?
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Who plays the main Villain in the movie Die Hard?

His name is Alan Rickman.

What die hard movie did Samuel L. Jackson star in?

Die Hard with a Vengeance

What are the names of the die hard movies?

1. Die Hard (1988) 2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) 3. Die Hard With A Vengence (1995) 4. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

What is the best Die Hard movie?

The quality order of Die Hard Movies is as follows: 1. Die Hard 2. Die Hard: With a Vengence 4. Die Hard: Die Harder 18. Die Hard: Live Free or Die Hard Note the numbering is correct

What order should you watch diehard movies in?

The order is below: 1. Die Hard 2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder 3. Die Hard with a Vengence 4. Live Free or Die Hard 5. A Good Day to Die Hard

Die hard English actor?

Alan Rickman played the lead villain (though some say he is the hero) Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard. The actor is english, but the character is German.Jeremy Irons plays Hans Gruber's younger brother, Simon Peter Gruber, in Die Hard with a Vengeance-hg

Who played the villain being chased by Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance?

Jeremy Irons

Hans Gruber is the name of the villain played by Michael St Clair in your Man Flint as well as of the villain played by Alan Rickman in what movie?

DIE HARD diehard

When did Raoul Villain die?

Raoul Villain died in 1936.

Who plays Hans in die hard?

Alan Rickman

In the movie die hard who plays hanz gruber?

Alan Rickman

Which character from Harry Potter is featured in Die Hard?

Alan Rickman plays Severus Snape (Professor Snape) in Harry Potter and plays Hans Gruber in Die Hard (first film)

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