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Jennifer Garner.

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2009-02-19 07:27:46
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Q: Who played jenna rink in 13 going on 30?
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Who played young jenna rink in 13 going on 30?

Christa B. Allen plays young Jenna Rink.

Who starred in the film 13 Going on 30?

Jennifer Garner starred as Jenna Rink.

How does Jenna Rink act in the movie 13 Going on 30?

Desperate for acceptance by her cool friends

What fashion magazine did jenna rink work for in 13 going on 30?

It was called "Poise" magazine.

Who were the actors on 13 going on 30?

Jennifer Garner - Jenna Rink Judy Greer - Lucy 'Tom-Tom' Wyman Mark Ruffalo - Matt Flamhaff Kathy Baker - Beverly Rink Andy Serkis - Rchard Kneeland Phil Reeves - Wayne Rink

What is Jenna Rink's outfit combination on the 80's Outfit Challenge on the 13 Going on 30 DVD?

Stripped shirt, pink corduroy skirt, purple keds, teddy bear earrings.

Who stars in movie 13 going on 30?

* Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink * Mark Ruffalo as Matt Flamhaff * Judy Greer as Lucy "Tom-Tom" Wyman * Andy Serkis as Richard Kneeland * Kathy Baker as Beverly Rink * Phil Reeves as Wayne Rink * Samuel Ball as Alex Carlson * Marcia DeBonis as Arlene * Kiersten Warren as Trish Sackett * Christa B. Allen as Young Jenna * Sean Marquette as Young Matt * Alexandra Kyle as Young Lucy

Name the actress who plays the character jenna in the movie 13 going on 30?

Jennifer Garner

Why can't there be a Magazine like the one Jenna was making in 13 going for 30 After Poise was asked to be redesighned?

Because nobody has made it!

What her name in She was 13 going on 30?

Her name was Jenna. Her husband/best friend is Matt. Her mean enemy's name is TomTom/Lucy.

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