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Lisa Kudrow :-)

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Q: Who is the tallest female member of the cast of Friends?
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Tallest cast member of tv show friends?

It is likely David Schwimmer who played Ross as he is almost 6'1". Matthew Perry is close behind also around 6 feet. The tallest female member is Lisa Kudrow

Who is the tallest male member of the cast of Friends?

David Schwimmer [ Ross Gueller]

Who is the tallest person in Jersey Shore?

The tallest cast member is pauly, he is 6 ft tall

Which cast member of Friends never went into the fountain?

They all did.

What SNL cast member died of ovarian cancer after a strike kept her from becoming the first former female cast member to host?

Gilda Radner

What female cast member of Airport won an Emmy Grammy Oscar and Tony?

Helen Hayes.

Which cast member of the TV comedy show Friends also starred in the movie Scream?

Courtney Cox

Who was the first female former cast member to host SNL and the first to host twice?

It looks like the first time a female former cast member hosted SNL wasn't until the 13th of May 2006, the first time Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted. She was also the first female former cast member to host a second time, on the 17th of March 2007.The first male former cast member to host SNL was Chevy Chase on the 18th of February 1978. He was also the first to host a second time, on the 9th of February 1980. (From the end of the 1st season in 1976 to the end of the 5th season in 1980, Chevy Chase was the ONLY former cast member. Bill Murray, the first cast member who was not part of the original cast, hosted twice in 1981.)

On friends what cast member makes the most jokes?

Probably Phoebe, but usually when she thinks she is being very serious.

What actors and actresses appeared in Aberrant Behaviors - 2011?

The cast of Aberrant Behaviors - 2011 includes: Ashley Brownfield as Cast Member Joshua Furtado as Cast Member Bethanie John as Cast Member Jeremy Medina as Cast Member Damon Robison as Cast Member Ben Weddell as Cast Member

Who was the first female for Saturday night live cast member to return to host Saturday night live?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Does Selena Gomez like like her cast member as a boyfriend?

She said it could happen but for now they are just very good friends!

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