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Sushmita Sen is the tallest Bollywood actress. She measures 5 foot and 9½ inches tall.

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Q: Who is the tallest Bollywood actress?
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Who is the most tallest Bollywood actress?

Deepika Padukone is the tallest Bollywood actress. She was the biggest sensation of 2013 year. She gave 3 super hit movies.

Who is the tallest actor or actress in Bollywood?

Susmita sen 5feet 9.5inch and Abhishek Bachchan -6feet4 inch

Who is the tallest actress in Bollywood?

The tallest actress it shilpa shetty with height of 5'10 You crazy or cud probably be yukta mookhey or pooja batra...................from current surely is daina penty {cocktail fame}.

Who is the bustiest Bollywood actress?

The bustiest bollywood actress is 'Ayesha Takia'.

How do you become an Bollywood actress?

bollywood actress are loved by all indians. they are followed by youth generation. you have to work hard and learn acting to be a bollywood actress.

Which Bollywood actress do you like?

My favorite Bollywood actress is Priyaka Chopra. She is a gorgeous, excellent actress, and my role model.

Sexyiest bollywood actress?

Answer 1jennifer tilly Answer 2No. I think the hottest bollywood actress anushka sharma

Who is tallest man of the Bollywood?

saahil sachdeva

Where is Bollywood actress dulari?

wheare is dulari actress

Who is the best Bollywood actress?

after all,kajol is the best bollywood actress!she is so wonderful! by pannaga.ksp

What is Bollywood actress Asin last name?

Asin is a Bollywood Actress. Before coming to Bollywood she had done movies in the south. Her last name is Thottumkal.

Who is the funniest actress in bollywood?

It depends on the personal choice. There are many actress in funny roles in Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor is one such.

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