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Well, Marshall Mathers only biological daughter, Hailey Mathers, biological mother is Kim Mathers.

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2012-12-05 03:43:18
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Q: Who is the biological mother of Marshall Mathers kids?
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Does marshall mathers have any kids?

He has one biological and adopted his niece and has Kims daughter from her previous marriage .

How many kids do kim mathers have?

She has two biological children one from eminem/marshall and one from her marriage before marshall. And adopted her niece Lainie/Alanie

Who are Eminem's kids?

Eminem's has one biological daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers or Hailie Jade Scott. Then he adopted his niece Aliana Marie Mathers (Lanny). Then there is Whitney Mathers wich Kim's daughter she had with another man. He also has custody of his younger half brother Nathan Mathers.

How many kids dose Marshall Mathers have?

1 daughter whose name is hailey and then he also takes care of his neice laney

Are Mother Teresa's kids still alive?

Mother Teresa had no biological children.

Does Eminem have children?

Yes, Eminem has 3 kids.

Who is the biological mother of Michael Jackson's kids?

Debbie Rowe and an unknown surrogate.

Are Matteo and Valentino biological kids of ricky martin?

Yes. Ricky Martin is their biological father, born to him through a surrogate mother.

Who were Thurgood Marshall's kids?

Thurgood Marshall had two kids: Thurgood Marshall Jr. and William Marshall.

Did tom marshall have kids?

tom marshall have how may kids ?

How many kids did Thurgood Marshall have?

thurgood marshall has two kids

How many kids does Eminem have and what ages?

Hailie Jade Mathers: real daughter 10 years old Alaina Mathers: (adopted niece ) 12 years old Whitney Hartter: trying to adopt her now 3 years old Nathan Mathers: brother (adopted from mother so he could have a better life)

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