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The actress is Margo Stilley

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โˆ™ 2009-09-01 19:13:16
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Q: Who is the actress in the degree ultra clear deodorant commercial?
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Who is the actress on the clear men commercial?

Asin Thottumkal

Who is the actress in the clean and clear blackhead scrub commercial?

vanessa hudgens

Who is the actress water skiing in the Claritin clear commercial?

I think it might be victoria smurfett

Who is the water ski girl in Claritin clear commercial?

If I am not mistaken it is an actress/ model named Angi Greene.

Who is the actress in the clean and clear blackhead eraser commercial?

JONNA WALSH AND SARAH WRIGHT sarah wright is 'Jane' from 7th Heaven....

Who designs the dress in the degree ultra clear commercial where the bellhop brings it to her room?

Not confident, but I suspect J Mendel

Who is the actress in purple in the dove ultimate clear commercial?

I think she is a girl from Warwick, RI that was a contestant on the Bachelor Show in 2007. I don't know her name.

Is Lauren Tewes an actress in the group Health clear care ads?

Yes, and the commercial is on constantly. We are glad to see you Lauren, hope they are paying you well.

How do you get deodorant off clothes?

Try deodorant stones which naturally inhibit bacteria. They are clear, chemical-free, and very effective. Sorry can't help with deodorant removal from clothing - only how to prevent it in the first place.

Who is the actress in the degree deodorant television commercial?

I think it is Delaina Mitchell. You can look her up on IMDBI am 99% sure it isn't Delaina Mitchell. After viewing photos of Delaina, it is clear that her facial bone structure is far more defined and she appears to be somewhat older than the young woman in the commercial.However, from another site, it appears the answer is Margo Stilley, a 27 year-old actress/model from North Carolina.I've done image searches on both of the above named women and neither seems to fit the bill. Looks like we're still awaiting an answer...The actress is Margo Stilley. you can look her up on imdb. They shot in Czech republic this year.

Who is the actress in the CLEAR 'Hot Dog' commercial?

Her name is Amanda Celine Miller, and she's an aspiring actress in Hollywood. She's done voice-over work in World of Warcraft and Squid Girl, and sang the theme song for White House/Black Market's Summer 2011 commercial. She has her own website.

What is the name of the blond haired actress in the new clean and clear blackhead eraser commercial?

the blonde is Sarah Wright and the Brunette is Jonna Walsh Sarah Wright is 'Jane' from 7th Heaven...

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