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Who is the Black actress in the new commercial?

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2014-06-28 14:15:48
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Q: Who is the actress in new web com commercial?
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In the web what does com mean?


What does the com mean in a web address?

Commercial is what .com represents.

Who is the actress in the Del Web Commercial?

Angela Davies, soft porn actress.

What does com in a web address mean?

It means "commercial", It is what we call a "top level domain" address, and it used to be a way for a web site to convey its publishing intent.

Who is the Asian actress web designer in the recent Chevron commercial?


What is the meaning of '.com' at the end of a website?

As a Web address .com means commercial. As a file extention .Com is component object model it provides com basis services.

What is a coms?

On the internet a .com domain name, a top level domain (TLD) usually denotes a commercial website. While this analogy is not perfect , most all commercial web sites should use this TLD, but in certain cases, such as the .com TLD is not available, A TLD such as .net, or .biz can be selected for the commercial web site's domain DNS. The TLD .com can be used by a someone for other purposes, but it does help distinguish commercial websites from non commercial websites.

What is the new gametalk web address?

What is the difference between org and com at the end of a URL?

Any web site eg; the 'COM' means it is commercial, whereas the web site; the 'ORG' mean organisation and it is a free organisation.

What Does .com at the end of a web address mean?

com=commercial (it used to mean that the .com sites were selling something... but it doesn't really mean anything anymore, since anyone can buy and use a .com address.

What does COM means?

As in the internet? Com= company, Org = Organization, Net = Network

What does ORG mean on a web address?

.org is organization .edu is education .gov is government .com stands for commercial

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