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Antoine Filion

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βˆ™ 2011-02-14 03:34:33
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Q: Who is the French guy on the Blinds to Go Commercial?
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What is the song on the blinds to go commercial?

Blinds. To. Go. Blinds. To. Go. Blinds. To. Go. The best place for blinds!

Who is the woman on the blinds to go commercial?

ur mommy

Who are actors in blinds to go commercial?

They are people that work for the company. Mostly Management.

What is name of background music in the Blinds to go commercial where the couple seems to be sitting outside under the stars then after closing blinds they are sitting on the couch?


Who is the girl in the blinds to go commercial?

Her name is Haley Finnigan A New York City actress/model

Is there a blinds to go in New Mexico?

Unfortunately, according to their website, there is not a Blinds To Go in New Mexico. You can order blinds from their website,, or stores such as Home Depot and Lowes also carry blinds. Good luck on your search!

Where can one go to order cheap wood blinds?

There are a number of retailers one can order cheap wood blinds from. One can order them online from 'blinds2go', 'Select Blinds', 'Just Blinds' and 'Lowest Price Blinds'.

How can you find some cheap Venetian blinds?

I find that blinds to go is the best for for blinds because of the wide variety and helpful service that they provide for you. You can go and check their website for more information.

Who is the actor in the Verizon commercial that warns the guy not to go into the dead zone?

Is the actor that warns the guy not to go into the dead zone Linda Lavin?

Who is the guy on the Rooms to go commercial?

Eric Matheny

What products and services does the company Blinds To Go provide?

Blinds To Go is a company that manufactures and sells window coverings. They carry many different types of blinds and shades and have been in business since 1954.

What house hold items are pulleys?

Blinds have a pulley. It makes the blinds go up when you pull on the string.

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