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lee min hoo is goo hye sun's boyfriend from the t.v show of boys over flowers

Well, In Humors, that may be true, says that Kim Sang Bum or So Yi Jeong of Kkotboda Namja (boys over flower) is the boyfriend of Gu Hye Sun and not Lee Min Ho.

No maybe you have misunderstanding lee min ho is the boyfriend of koo hye sun is not kim bum.actually koo hye sun is one of the ideal girl of kim sang the interview about when lee min ho said that he want koo hye sun to be her girlfriend.

That ain't true in boys over flowers lee min ho and gu hye sun couple but gu hye sun actually hates lee min ho and lee min ho is trying to do something to gu hye sun when shes asleep hes trying to get her naked and stuff lee min ho is a very bad guy i know this because im Korean and me and gu hyesun r friends

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Q: Who is Koo Hye Sun's boyfriend?
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