Who is Gunnar N?

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This person is deceased. See below.


Gunnar N. (1974-2009) was the sole recording artist of the project "Darks Pandemonium", an artist, a writer and poet, musician and boom-man in the film industry.

He had his name legally changed to Gunnar N. (first letter of his surname Nordberg) in Pennsylvania, USA in 1999, setting a new legal precedent as, until that point, it was illegal to have a single letter last name. He lived in Norwich, CT with his wife and two children.

---Update---published with minor alterations in the Norwich Ct Bulletin on 8/16/09 ---

Gunnar N (nee Nordberg) passed away August 13, 2009 at his home in Norwich CT, He was born in Woodbury NJ on June 13th 1974, Gunnar served his country honorably in the US Army as a military policeman and later performed military funeral honors.

Gunnar worked many careers which included but are not limited to: Sound Technician/Boom-man for independent film companies.

Gunnar also held posistions as a child care worker and in management coordinator at a youth group home. In addition, Gunnar also held a PHD in Religions and was an ordained minister. On October 31, 1999 he was united in marriage to his best friend and soul-mate Janet in Scranton, PA.

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Q: Who is Gunnar N?
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