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Lil' wayne, obviously! He's the one who pays drake!

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2009-11-15 04:37:50
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Q: Who has more money then Lil Wayne or drake?
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Is lil Wayne related to drake?

No Lil Wayne is not related to Drake. Lil Wayne heard some of Drakes songs and flew Drake out to Houston, Texas to meet him and Drake became apart of Young Money.

Who make more money lil Wayne or drake?

I believe Lil Wayne has been in the business a lot more than Drake has therefore thinking he's had more time to become experienced with the industry to make more money. Drake did however become popular quite quickly though but I'd still think that Lil Wayne does make more.

Who is part of the group young money?

Lil Wayne, and I'm pretty sure Drake is too. :)What About Nikki????Drake, lil wayne etc

Who signed Drake's record deal?

Lil Wayne signed Drake. anyone in young money was signed by Lil Wayne. that is his record label.

Who likes Nicki more drake or Lil Wayne?

lil wayne likes your mom

Did Lil Wayne kick drake out of young money?


Who was already in young money when drake joined?


Who is the oldest from drake and lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is 4 years older than Drake. Drake is 24 and Lil Wayne is 28.

Why did young money put drake out of young money?

lil Wayne did not kick him out

Does Lil Wayne write for drake?

No Drake writes for himelf. Well the only song Lil Wayne wrote for drake is best i ever had but lil Wayne writes songs for drake when lil Wayne is featuring in his songs

Does drake have more songs than lil Wayne?


Is drake friends with lil Wayne?

lil wayne and drake are best friends they work together and every time young money is nominated for someting drake dedicates his winning to lil wayne they have no choice but to be friends they worked together for 2 years.

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