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Amy Grant, Bob Dylan, Counting Crows, Toxic Audio, Pinhead Gunpowder, Melanie, Sandi THom, Kaya, MOya Brennan, Keb Mo, Chris Thomas King & Keren Ann

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Q: Who has covered the song big yellow taxi?
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What are the big yellow taxi assonance?

A big yellow taxi is a bus that takes prisoners to jail. As in the Joni Mitchell song.

In 1994 Amy Grant covered which joni mitchell hit?

big yellow taxi

Who else sang big yellow taxi?

The song "Big Yellow Taxi" has been released by these artists:Joni MitchellThe NeighborhoodMaire BrennanAmy GrantCounting CrowsAll of these were charting versions.

What is the name of the album of counting crows with song Big Yellow Taxi?

Big Yellow Taxi was released as a single, and it can also be found on the CD titled "Hard Candy."

When was Big Yellow Taxi created?

Big Yellow Taxi was created in 2002.

What is the theme for big yellow taxi?

The taxi is big and yellow, good for our environment and economy

What are the songs with yellow in the title?

"Yellow" (song), a song by ColdplayYellow_(Nicholas_Tse_song)"Big Yellow Taxi", a song by Joni Mitchell and covered by many musiciansyellow submarine - The Beatlesyellow rose of texasOld Yellow Bricks - Arctic MonkeysLittle Yellow Spider - Devendra BenhartYellow time - Best Served ChilledYellow Brick Road - Eminem

What are the release dates for Big Yellow Taxi - 1971?

Big Yellow Taxi - 1971 was released on: USA: 1971

What musician known for her long blonde hair and the song Big Yellow Taxi turns 67 today?

Joni Mitchell

What year did joni mitchell release big yellow taxi?

1970.Big Yellow Taxi was originally on the album Ladies of the Canyon which was released in 1970.

Who has recorded Big Yellow Taxi?

Counting crows

What happens to the tree in big yellow taxi?


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