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Led Zeppelin comes to mind, they had many songs in the charts, but never a number 1.

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2011-03-20 21:56:11
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Q: Who had 10 songs on the charts but never a number 1?
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Were did Liverpool get you'll never walk alone from?

Gerry Marsden sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" and it went to number 1 in the UK charts and at every home game at Anfield they used to play the top 10 songs in the charts from that week and the Kop used to sing along and when "You'll Never Walk Alone" left the charts the Kop carried on singing it.

What pop songs were in the top 10 charts in 2000?


What country singer has had the most songs hit the top 10 on the music charts?

That would be Eddie Arnold, the country singer who had the most songs to hit the top 10 on the music charts for achievements. He had 145 total, which is stupendous.

Did The Who have a number one song?

The Who did not have pop number one songs, but once rock charts were started, The Who started showing up with rock number ones such as You Better You Bet.Who Are You was the highest charting single, making it to number 10.

What singer has the current number one album on the pop charts?

I don't know, but you can google it and go to top 10 songs in the world or in america. and it will show you :D hope this helps!

What are the top 10 Boston songs?

The top ten songs that Boston released are A Man I'll Never Be, Something About You, Feelin' Satisfied, Smokin', Amanda, Rock & Roll Band, Peace Of Mind, Don't Look Back, Long Time and More Than A Feeling. All of the songs placed well in the charts but More Than A Feeling went straight to Number 5.

How long was the song Umbrella number 1 for in the UK charts?

10 weeks

How many top 10 songs did the beatles have?

The Beatles hit the charts with 37 top ten songs while they were still a band. There were times when several Beatles songs were in the top ten at the same time.

Did thriller get to number 1 in the UK charts?

Yes - the album got to number one, while the single reached number 10.

How well did the song Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan perform on the charts?

The song "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan reached number 10 on the US pop charts. The song was number one in Canada.

How many number 1 songs did Stevie wonder have?


What was Eric clapton's biggest number one hit?

tough question to's either one of these: "I shot the Sheriff" which went to number one, and was on the charts 10 weeks. OR "Tears in Heaven" which peaked at number two, BUT was on the charts for 23 weeks.

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