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Tyler Crowley.

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Q: Who drove the van that almost hit Bella twilight?
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Who was driving the car that almost hit Bella Swan in the book twilight?

Tyler Crowley

What is the name of the boy who almost hit Bella with a van in Twilight?

The boys name is Tyler Conners

What is the initial incident in twilight?

the big thing is when Bella almost gets hit by a van, and Edward rescues her

What song is Bella listening to when she almost gets hit by the van in twilight?

Ha, ha. Nobody knows that!

What is the book Nightlight about?

Nightlight is a parody of Twilight. IT is really funny cause you know how Bella gets protected from almost getting hit with a car in Twilight but in Nightlight Bella gets protected from almost getting hit with a snow ball. Also instead of Bella Swan it is Belle Goose and for Edward Cullen it is Edwart Mullen.

Who almost hit Bella with their car?

Tyler almost hit Bella with the car but Edward stopped it

What twilight book did Bella hit Jacob?


What is the name of the boy in twilight who nearly kills Bella at school?

In the Twilight-book and -movie, Bella nearly gets hit by TYLER CROWLEY's van..

What happened in chapter 4 of Twilight?

In Chapter Four of Twilight, called Invitations, Bella's gets asked to the school dance by Mike then Eric and lastly Tyler. Bella's exscuse to not go to the dance is that she is going to Seattle. Edward asks her if she wants a ride to Seattle and Bella agrees. It is also the chapter after the car almost hit bella.

In twilight how many cars was between Bella and edward before he saved her?

Basically, the movie or book didn't describe it. But what was true, however, was that Edward was across the parking lot when Bella almost got hit.

What exactly happens the description of Bella nearly being hit by the blue van in the Twilight book?

Bella was about to get into her truck when tyler was driveing and a car pulled out and tyler hit Bella truck but edward ran to Bella and stoped the van from crushing Bella

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