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She recognizes the redheaded Avox as a girl she was caught by the Capitol while she was in the woods.

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Q: Who does Katniss recognize from the dinner?
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Who does katniss recognize at dinner in the book the hunger games?

the avox

How does Peeta save Katniss at dinner?


Who is the Avox girl and why does Katniss recognize her?

the avox girl is the girl that katniss and gale had seen in the woods the morning of the reaping!

Where had Katniss seen the girl server at dinner?

The young girls katniss saw is called an Avox, because she committed crime by trying to escape in the woods. That is when Katniss saw her.

How did peers save Katniss from dinner in the hunger games?

Peeta did not save Katniss from dinner, he helped her whilst they were eating dinner. They were sat at the table when Katniss recognised the Avox (Lavinia) from an encounter in the woods one time when the avox was running from the capitol. It is illegal to know an avox and so Katniss was in trouble until Peeta said she must have mistaken her for someone back in District 12, Peeta's friend Delly Cartwright.

What chapter does katniss see the Avox girl at dinner?

I think it's chapter 6 :)

How did Peeta save Katniss at dinner in the hunger games?

He did not save her at dinner. They ate together before the games began. She actually saved his life when he had an infection.

How did the book conclude in catching fire?

Well as you know Katniss was injured and was not awake. When she wakes up Gale is there with her. Katniss is somewhere she does not recognize. She asks about district 12 and Gale delivers the news to her. There is no more district 12.

What are 10 major events in the hunger games?

prim is chosen, katniss volenteers, they go to the capitol,cinna dresses katniss,peeta tells katniss about how he does not want to be a "piece" in thier game,dinner at the table and katniss sees the avox, katniss crys her eyes out fot feeling bad about hurting peeta,katniss sees the avox again and they talk, traing starts, at private lesson katniss get annoyed becuase they are not paying attentioin to her so she shoots and arrow at the apple in the pigs mouth, she gets an 11.

What did Katniss Everdeen do in her room when she was angry?

She threw her dishes at the walls after she ate dinner that night, and she told the Avox that she would clean it up herself.

Where does Katniss recognize the girl with red hair?

when katniss and gale were in the wood they saw her running with this boy and air ship came down killed the by and took the red hair girl away the capitol cut her tonge off and she became an avox

What is Katniss' response to the negative day with both Effie and Haymitch?

Katniss responds to eating her dinner in her room, and eating herself sick. She then takes her anger out on the plates, and throws them around the room. The red-headed Avox girl comes in, and comforts Katniss, and seems to forgive her for not coming to her own aide in the woods. They then pick up the dishes, and the red-headed Avox girl puts Katniss to bed.

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