Who conceived of music drama?

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Wagner (for apex)

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Ancient peoples have from time immemorial used music, song and dance and drama to act out hunting stories- this is the basis of modern music drama.

We call these - operas and musicals

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Q: Who conceived of music drama?
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What is music and drama communication?

Music and drama communication is using music and drama to express oneself. The art of music and drama can be used as a therapeutic tool to help with creative expression.

What was wagners conception of opera known as?

Music Drama

What should you chose music or drama or photography for GCSE?

music drama because photography is for people who wants to make a imagine.I would go with music drama.

What has the author Janet Rubin written?

Janet Rubin has written: 'Creative drama and music' -- subject(s): Improvisation (Acting), Drama in education, Children's theater, Music in education, Movement (Acting) 'Drama and music' -- subject(s): Drama in education, Music in education

How do art music and drama connect?

Art, Music and Drama are kind of like a linked chain. It is because Music and Drama are considered "morphs of Art" which means they evolved from the natural Art.

Where did Orlando Bloom go to college?

Orlando Bloom went to *Fine Arts College *National Youth Theatre *Guildhall School of Music and Drama

What are the similarities between opera and drama?

Opera is drama set to music.

Why is music effective in drama?

creates atmosphere and creates a mood for the drama

Who concieved of music drama?


Are music and drama related?


What is music drama best described as?

Opera is the best way to describe music drama. In particular, an opera that unfolds with continuous dramatic music and dramatic activity.

Which is the top drama schools in the UK?

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

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