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The instrumental theme song for The Honeymooners, "You're My Greatest Love", was composed by star Jackie Gleason.

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2011-10-11 03:35:36
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Q: Who composed the theme music for The Honeymooners?
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Who composed the theme song music to the Honeymooners?

Jackie Gleason wrote the theme song music to the Honeymooners with the help of friends that could notate music. The theme song was called "You're My Greatest Love". Jackie Gleason loved to sing but he could not read sheet music.

What is the name of the theme song for The Honeymooners sitcom?

The name of the theme song for The Honeymooners sitcom is 'You're my greatest love', composed by Jacki Gleeson and performed by an orchestra led by Ray Bloch.

What are the words to the tv show theme of The Honeymooners?

The Honeymooners Theme is instrumental.

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Who composed the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune?

The original music for The Curse of the Black Pearl was composed by Klaus Badelt. Hans Zimmer did other music.

Name the theme song on the Honeymooners?

You're My Greatest Love

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