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Uptown Girl was written by Billy Joel. It was also covered by Westlife.

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4 seasons

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Q: Who are the people who have sung Uptown Girl?
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Who played the Uptown Girl in Billy Joel's music video for the song 'Uptown Girl'?

Christie Brinkley. At the time, she was his then-wife and the inspiration for the song "Uptown Girl".

Billy Joel uptown girl?

The song "Uptown Girl" was written about Christie Brinkley, a super model, who became his wife.

Who is the girl who played in westlife uptown girl?

Claudia Schiffer

What are the release dates for OpenHouse NYC - 2007 Uptown Girl?

OpenHouse NYC - 2007 Uptown Girl was released on: USA: 22 September 2012

What actors and actresses appeared in Uptown Girl - 2005?

The cast of Uptown Girl - 2005 includes: Kelly Gilpatrick as Sulky Girl Billie Jo Konze as Uptown Girl Andrew Kraft as Trash Deanne McDonald as Ruby Tuesday Ryan Pajak as Trampoline Nathaniel Westover as Rocketman

Which video clip of westlife have Claudia Schiffer?

Uptown Girl

Is Billy Joel with the girl that played the girl in Uptown Girl?

Even if he ever was, he sure isn't now!(:

Who sung the song Jessie's girl?

'Jessie's Girl' is sung by a man named Rick Springfield.

What are the release dates for Brotherly Love - 1995 Uptown Girl 1-5?

Brotherly Love - 1995 Uptown Girl 1-5 was released on: USA: 8 October 1995

What key signature is Uptown Girl by Billy Joel in?

E Major!

Why was blues music sung?

It was sung for people to express there emotions...either over a girl...or trials in there life.In my perspective.To me it seems like country in a way

How old is the song up town girl?

Its around 25 years old, if your on about uptown girl by westlife.

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