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Ther are 4 girls: Janine, Maryss, Davina(Davi), and Helen There are 8 boys: J Sil, II Sweet, Chozin, Miles Brown, Scooter Smiff, B-Shaw, Moody and J.D. I am not a dancer for him but I just now a lot.....

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Q: Who are Chris brown's backup dancers?
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What are the names of chris browns back up dancers on his current Australian tour?

scooter and miles

What is the names of Chris Brown's backup dancers?

Their names are Myles and Scooter. Scooter is 11 and Myles is 8.

When is chris browns dance auditions?

As of September 2014, there is nothing listed anywhere for auditions for dancers for Chris Brown. When he needs new dancers, he will probably post in the local newspaper or by word of mouth.

Who is Myles Brown?

Myles brown is one of chris browns dancers one of the best young dancers who has been dancing since he was young he was nine when he featured in chris browns video wall to wall but they are not brothers e also dances with the new boyz and the rangers...

Who is chris browns young backup dancers?

Scooter Smiff and Myles Brown Myles Brown went up to Chris at the House of Blues concert and asked him to battle him and Chris took the offer. Then when Chris needed someone to do the 2007 49th annual Grammy's Myles recommended Scooter and now Scooter is souned on Chris' label (he is know a kid rapper for Interscope Records).

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What is the name of jasmine villegas backup dancers?

Her main backup dancers that help her on her tours are Anthony Kin and Jon Boogie.

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They were all unknown backup dancers.

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