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Jeff Hardy.

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2012-03-21 02:27:44
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Q: Who's better Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?
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Whos better matt hardy or Jeff hardy?


Whos older Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?

Matt's older than Jeff by 3 years

Who is better Jeff hardy or Matt hardy at wrestling?

it's a coin toss to find out whos better because there pretty much equal. Matt has one their last two matches because Jeff has tried and failed to go extreme with Matt. this does not mean that Matt is better he just doesn't do extreme stuff

Is Jeff hardy still in wrestling?

no cm punk changged him to a cage match to see whos better and if Jeff lost he out of the wwe and he lost but his coming back at wersle mania 26 where it will be edge vs cm punk and Jeff will come out and SMASH CM umm no haha don't know if u watch tna but hes been chillen there for like a year know

How is John Cena related to the Hardy's?

Jeff and Matt's mom's last name used to be cena before she married her husband and became a hardy. Her brother, whos last name was cena, married. He had a son named John. John grew up to be a wwe superstar. He became the wwe champion, john cena. He also rapped from ages 7-19. He went to concerts to rap in. But on his 19th birthday he joined wwe. He worked with Jeff and Matt in a tag team called cena and the Hardy's. Then Rey Mysterio joined them. They became the backbusters. Then they were The Mysterious cenation Hardy's. but it didnt sound right so they stayed the backbusters. But the backbusters don't wrestle as a team anymore. June 2010 the answer above is a lie! Jeff and Matt are not related to John Cena, Matt and Jeff's mom's maiden name was not Cena! Nor did Cena join WWE when he was 19. Please don't post lies and and that is all the answer above me is! It is one big lie! Oh. Sorry. I was told this by a friend i guess i got a little to exited. Becuase Cena and the hardys are my favorite and im obsessed with wwe so... Im sorry.

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Matt's a few months older than Josh.

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