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Q: Which of these martial arts was created from the principles of jujitsu?
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Which martial arts class was created with the principles of jujitsu?

Judo was based on jujitsu.

Which of these martial arts was created from the principles of juijitsu?

The martial art created from jujitsu is Judo. It was developed by Keno O-Sensei as a less lethal grappling art. He was an advocate of the art and worked hard to get it into the Olympics.

Who inveted jijitsu?

Jujitsu is a martial arts used by chicken man

What is the name of Nepali martial arts?

Nepali Martial Arts is 'Nepal Combat Art'. Style: Combat Jujitsu / Military Arts Nepal Khukuri Martial Arts (Khukuri, kukuri means nepali knife)

What kind of martial arts are in japan?

Karate , Kendo , jujitsu , Judo , many kinds.

What are the release dates for Carolyn Cable Show - 2009 Martial Arts Expert -Jujitsu 2-6?

Carolyn Cable Show - 2009 Martial Arts Expert -Jujitsu 2-6 was released on: USA: 1 February 2009

In what sport is a sai used as a weapon?

A sai is used in various forms of martial arts. A few of the martial arts that currently use the sai include kobudo and jujitsu.

Popular martial arts?

*taijutsu *Karate *ninjutsu *jujitsu *Kick boxing * muy tai

Do you have to do any other form of martial arts before jujitsu?

No, jujitsu is a form of martial arts and the only training you'd have to do is if you wanted to get higher up in your martial arts status for jujitsu.Answer:Depending on the order you learn martial arts in you may pick up "bad habits" that the new style will have to eradicate before you can properly learn the new skills. As a consequence, as an example, the locks you learn in aikido will have to be unlearned or at least suppressed in jujitsu. Do not think that your new teacher will be impressed with how well you've learned to do things wrong.

When was Martial Arts Weekend created?

Martial Arts Weekend was created in 2002.

What kinds of martial arts are there?

Kung-Fu Jujitsu Akido Karate Wing Chun And lots more!

How many martial arts does Gary busey know?

Gary Busey black belts in all of the following martial arts: budo-jujitsu, capoeira, hapkido, "Jailhouse Rock," and kendo.

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