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Incontinental once, tag team: the hardy boyz 6 times, Heavyweight twice.

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Q: Which WWE titles has Jeff hardy won?
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How many titles has Jeff hardy won in WWE and WWF and TNA?

The World Tag Team Titles

Has Jeff hardy won the WWE championship?

Yes Jeff Hardy has won the WWE Championshp as well as the World's Heavyweight title

Who has won tag team title with Jeff hardy?

only Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy won titles together

How many championships has Jeff hardy won in the WWE?

Jeff Hardy has won a grand total of 17 championships in the wwe. Not a total suprise

When did WWE Jeff hardy suspended?

When CM Punk won against him in a steel cage match. Jeff hardy is on TNA Impact right now; not in the WWE.

When did Jeff hardy won his first WWE championship?

Jeff hardy won his first and only wwe championship at the armaggedon of 2008 in a triple threat match against edge and triple h

Who won the WWE Royal Rumble in 2008?

jhon cena

Is edge the WWE champion?

yes at suvivor seirs he filled in for Jeff Hardy and won the match Jeff Hardy helped edge win

Did Matt Hardy ever win the WWE championship?

No. Matt Hardy has never won the WWE Title. He is a multiple time WWE Tag Team champion and has also won the WWE United States championship. His brother Jeff Hardy has been a WWE champion

Is Jeff hardy a great wrestler?

Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler associated with WWE. He has won a total of 22 championships so far, including one WWE Championship.

What WWE wrestler has held the most titles at once?

Jeff hardy. in 2001 he won the light heavyweight and kept it the next three weeks he won tag team.the next year he won wwf title

Jeff hardy vs the undertaker in extreme rules?

Jeff Hardy won the Extreme Rules match against the Undertaker in 2009. Jeff Hardy no longer wrestles for the WWE and has returned to TNA.

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