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James McCartney along with is adopted sister Heather Eastman- McCartney both live in their father Paul McCartney's house in Sussex, England at the moment according to various sources and rumors, though it's hard to know for sure. James McCartney was on tour recently, too, though so he may not be living at home.

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Q: Where is James McCartney son of Paul living?
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What does James McCartney paul McCartney's son do for a living?

Where does Paul MCCartney's son live and what does he do?

Who is James McCartney?

James McCartney is paul McCartney his whole name is James paul McCartney of the beatles

Who is paul McCartney's son?

James Louis McCartney, born in 1977. He is a musician, but chose not to have a high-profile career. Paul McCartney's son is James Louis McCartney born on September 12, 1977. James McCartney

Does Paul McCartney have a son?

Paul and Linda McCartney had a son, James Louis McCartney, in 1977. He is a musician, but chose not to have a high-profile career.

What is Paul McCartneys first name?

Paul McCartney's full name is James Paul McCartney. His father's name was Jim, so the family called him Paul. He named his own son James.

Do James McCartney and Ringo Starr still sing to this day?

I'm not sure if you mean Paul McCartney (who's first name is James) or Paul McCartney's son, James McCartney. Either way, both father and son as well as Ringo Starr still sing currently, yes.

Are any of Paul McCartney's children musicians?

Yes, his son James is a musician!

Are there photos of Paul McCartney's Son?

Yes, you can see pictures of him on the Internet. You type in his name (James McCartney), then click on images.

Was Paul McCartney's son James at the Grammys?

Yes, Paul's son James McCartney sat next to John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono Lennon. Paul's current wife Nancy Chevell also attended wearing an outfit designed by Paul's daughter Stella McCartney. See the related news story describing everyone who was there.

Is Jessie mccartny the son of paul mccartny?

No, Paul McCartney is not the father of Jessie McCartney.

Who sings old man on season 5 of californication?

Beatle Paul McCartney`s son, James

Was the song hay Jude written for paul McCartney?

Written by Paul McCartney for John's son Julian.

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