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artists can create artwork anywhere out

of anything

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Q: Where do artist create artworks?
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Why did Pablo Picasso create artworks?

You become an artist because you feel you have the talent and the urge. So did Picasso.

What were Salvador Dali's ambition of becaming an artist?

Like many famous artists Dali hade the creative urge - he just must create artworks!

What techniques did Escher use to create his artworks?


How many different artworks did Pablo Picasso create?

16,796 catalogued artworks according to the Online Picasso Project.

When did Pablo Picasso create his artworks?

Between 1895 and 1973.

What inspired chuck close to create his artworks?

Chuck Close was inspired by his artworks, due to it being the only thing that made him happy...

What were Julian opie famous for?

Julian Opie an artist who takes pictures of people and then turns them into art that sort of looks like a cartoon portrait. He is a contemporary artist and he uses computerised imagery to create his artworks. Julian Opie is a British artist famous for his work on the BlurGreatest Hits album cover.

Where did Wassily Kandinsky create his artworks?

In Munich, Moscow, Dessau, and Paris.

Is there an artist that uses food as inspiration?

Jason Mecier used food as inspiration and makes food out of her artworks.

What artist only painted ballerina's?

Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec created artworks in Paris that featured dancers.

How did Frida Kahlo create her artworks?

Painted them. She had many self-portraits and she used a mirror.

What type of media did Burton Morris use?

yes of course yes of course Burton Morris the Pop Artist mainly uses Acrylic on Canvas for his works. Currently he is working with technology in order to create his work on interactive LCD screens that create artworks that will interact with viewers.

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