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The origins of this song are unknown

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2013-10-18 20:31:36
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Q: Where did miss polly had a dolly song originate from?
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What year was the song miss polly had a dolly released?


When was Polly - The Kinks song - created?

Polly - The Kinks song - was created on 1968-04-05.

What is Holly Dolly known for?

Holly Dolly is an animated musician that created the song "Dolly Song." This song was well received throughout the world and eventually Holly Dolly released more songs.

Did Dolly Parton record a song by Coldplay?

what rock song did dolly parton just sing

When was Wildflowers - Dolly Parton song - created?

Wildflowers - Dolly Parton song - was created in 1986.

Song from dolly parton's with Willie Nelson?

song with willy nelson and dolly parton, with train of life in it

When was Heartbreaker - Dolly Parton song - created?

Heartbreaker - Dolly Parton song - was created in 1978-07.

When was Gold Digger - Dolly Rockers song - created?

Gold Digger - Dolly Rockers song - was created on 2009-08-30.

Is Dolly Parton singing the song in the newest j'adore commercial?

yes it is dolly parton

When did Polly Doodle release the song 'Wire Fence'?

There is no known song by an artist named 'Polly Doodle' that has ever been released. There is no known artist by the name of Polly Doodle so perhaps Polly is a local artist that is only known in their home town or area.

What language is the 'Dolly Song' by 'Holly Dolly'?

Originally the song is in Finnish. A version of this old folk song was made by Loituma (Ievan polkka) and the intermezzo of Loituma's song was used in Dolly's song. That intermezzo part of the song is scat type singing and the words does not mean anything. That part of the song is gibberish in any language. The song is also known as the Leekspin song.

Who is Jason dolly dating?

It is Brenda Song.

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