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Nevel is in the Stylin' Shop.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-19 22:54:44
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Q: Where can you find nevel in icarly 2 ijoin the click?
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How do you beat car trouble on ICarly 2 ijoin the click?

go to random store and more to find the rusty engine block then, use your item finder to find the tires. idk where the rest is lol

What are the stuff for the random set in iCarly 2 ijoin the Click?

they are giant fat cakes,pie,cool power generator,tramoline rasberry bowl table soup kettle,magic meetball,bowl of soup and idk btw means i dont know where the rest are there is only 2 more left to find doe

Were can you watch iCarly for free without MegaVideo or that Nick Tube thing?

I have a very good place to watch icarly and it cost nothing.. u can find it at . All u have to do is type icarly in the top box, then a list on stuff will pop up then u click televison. On the right of your computer screen u will find a little link that says "icarly.....39links" click and u got season 1 and two all the episodes..

Where can you find free iCarly videos?

On iCarly and on the TV.

How can you find the last iCarly episode?

go onto a website called; surfthechannel and type in the searchbox icarly and a list of results will come up; click on telivision then a list of icarly episodes come up, clck on the last one then watch it!!enjoy

Where is the good cheerleader outfit in icarly 2 ijoin the click?

Later on in the game, Spencer tells you that he has a new segment he wants you to pass through the girls. He says he buried the script. Use Spencer's SMIFP to find the script. Once you find the script, Spencer will give you the good and bad cheerleading outfits. I recommend going to Carly and Sam first before giving the outfit to Wendy. After Carly and Sam show you the segment, go find Wendy and give her the good cheerleading outfit.

Where can find iCarly new episoid?

go to and type in the episode you want. if there's a nick link that says "iCarly "[name of the episode]": episode clip", click on that. Unfortunately, not all the episodes are available, like iTwins.

What can one find on the iCarly website?

On the iCarly website a person can find games, blogs, videos, pictures, music, and trivia about the show iCarly. A person can also find biographies of the cast.

What is the song from iCarly isell penny tees?

Hey! I am not sure but go to and click on iSongs and you can browse all of the songs. Hopefully you find the right one! :)

Who is sam dating from iCarly but in real life?

Sam from ICarly is dating Freddie from ICarly. You should go on who's dating who and find out who's dating who.

Where can you find information about Carly from iCarly?


How do you find iCarly on megavideo?

You type it up.

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