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Netflix and

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2013-02-22 04:01:04
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Q: Where can you download all Soul Eater episodes dubbed in English?
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Where can you download all the soul eater episodes English dubbed at once?

well, you can download it in "soul eater dual audio" for English and for Japanese". If you use vlc media, much better, just press "v or c" I forgot where to press sorry :3

How many English dubbed episodes of soul eater are there as of 2013?

51, and there has not been any news of further episodes, unfortunately

Will Soul Eater come out on DVD dubbed?

"Soul Eater" DVDs have been dubbed into English .

Is soul eater coming to America?

If by Soul Eater you mean the anime and manga where people can turn into weapons I think it already has. I watched Subbed episodes on and last time I was there I saw a couple of English dubbed episodes.

Is the English dubbed version of soul eater only going to be on DVD?

No, the English dubbed version is currently being released episode by episode on

Is soul eater being dubbed in English?

Yes, it is being dubbed in English. Not much is known about the cast so far, but they are supposed to be starting about November.

How many English dub-ed episodes of Soul-Eater are there?

51 episodes.

Where can you find episodes of Soul Eater in English?

Netflix has them all instantly :)

Where can you find a zip of all the soul eater episodes English dub?

You can find a lot of the English dub episodes on YouTube ^^ That's where I got all the episodes.

What are some English dubbed anime like Fairy Tail and Soul Eater?

Demon King Daimao

How many soul eater episodes?

Soul Eater has 51 episodes .

When will they show soul eater in English?

Soul Eater is currently being dubbed by Funimation and will be released sometime in 2010. For more info please go to

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