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i believe there is,you can go on YouTube and download them

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2010-07-15 21:49:55
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Q: Where can you download Inuyasha episodes - preferably English dubbed - for free?
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Where can you download inuyasha episodes - English subbed?

Crunchy Roll has legal anime episodes. Hulu also has it.

Are there new inuyasha episodes?

There are new episodes of Inuyasha out, it is under the name of Inuyasha: The Final Act. The episodes are released but they are not in English dub yet. Hope that helped!

Where can you download free inuyasha episodes in English?

just go to and type in any episode you want to see and with the title put english.

When will the 168th episode of inuyasha in English be made?

When Inuyasha is going to have new episodes.

How many episodes are in the inuyasha series?

There is 167 episodes in the Inuyasha series. But there is a second season called Inuyasha: The Final Act and there is 25 episodes. But Final act is not available in English yet

What episodes of Inuyasha final act are in English?

None of the episodes are in English dubbed though they are all in English subtitles.

Were can you download inuyasha episodes dubbed?

Why dubbed? Try They have almost every episode available for download, most, if not all, in English. Hope this helps. --- Anime Master

Anyone know when English versions of the new 2009 Inuyasha episodes will air?

there are going to be new English episodes of inuyasha this year in April or so, but I'm not too sure...

Where can you see what happens next on Inuyasha?

Viz Media owns the English rights to Inuyasha. Hulu has some episodes.

Where can you watch inuyasha episodes in Japanese with English subtitles for free?

you can go to They have InuYasha AND InuYaha! Kanketsu-hen!

Where can you watch Inuyasha episode 66 in English? is where you can watch all the episodes in English and japanesse with or no subtitles

Where can you download Inuyasha movies in English?

You can use Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.

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