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You can find out movies currently in theaters by visiting the internet Movie Database website. Once on the website, hover over "Movies" in the top navigation menu and click on "In Theaters" to bring up the information.

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Q: Where can one find out what movies are in theaters now?
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How many Chronicles of Narnia movies are there?

There are 3 including the one in theaters now.

Where can one find more information about online theaters?

To find more information online about theaters, one could look at fandango. Fandango not only offers information regarding theater viewing times, and pricing for current movies, but also upcoming movies.

What movies are currently playing at Empire Theaters?

One could visit the official website of Empire Theaters to find information concerning which movies are currently playing. In addition, one can also search for cinema listings in one's local newspaper.

What movies are coming out in theaters in January?

Inkheart is one

Where can one watch the Dark Knight trailer?

The Dark Knight trailer is available in many places. One may look it up on you tube, see it in theaters, or go to the movies website. This movie is now in theaters.

Where can one find which movies are in theaters now?

There are many websites which list current movie showings. Fandango and International Movie Database (IMDB) are two very popular websites on which to find movie listings. If one does not have access to the internet, one can typically find local movie listings in the newspaper.

How many Madagascar movies will there be?

There's the first two Madagascar movies and a third one is coming out in the theaters, so three movies. Of course, the creators of madagascar might make a fourth movie, but for now there are three.

How many movies are made about secretariat?

Only one. It is in theaters but probbaly on dvd.

What movies will be in theaters in November?

see IMDB. the big one that Month is 2012

How many Narnia movies are there out in theater?

Three are out in general, but only one is in the theaters currently.

Where can a person go to find a listing of theaters in Hollywood?

One can find a list of movie theaters in Hollywood on the Moviefone website. One can find lists of movie theaters or regular theaters in this location on both Yellow Pages and Yelp by simply doing a search in the correct categories.

What is the number one movie in theaters now?

black swan

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