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It wasn't. Saxophones are not used in orchestras. Saxophones are only used in band and jazz band.

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Q: When was the saxophone first used in the orchestra?
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Is a saxophone classified as an orchestra instrument?

No, a saxophone isn't considered an orchestra instrument because it's almost never used in orchestra.

Which section in the orchestra is the saxophone?

The saxophone is very rarely used in a classical orchestra, but is part of the woodwind section when present.

Is a saxophone used in a orchestra?

Very rarely

What jazz instrument is not used in orchestra?


What instruments not used in orchestra appear in bands?


Why aren't saxophone used in the orchestra?

The saxophone was invented in the 1840s. By that time, instrumentation in the symphony orchestra had become standardized, so there wasn't a place for the sax in it.

What was the saxophone used for?

The saxophone is used primarily in jazz/big band and concert wind ensembles. It is not commonly used in a symphony orchestra with the exception of a few saxophone concerto's.

What part of the orchestra does the saxophone play in?

The saxophone is not a normal instrument in an orchestra. It will only be used in one if the composer or the director wants to have a specific sound or feel to the piece. When it is used, it is part of the woodwind section.

Where does a saxophone play in a orchestra?

It doesn't play in orchestra. Saxophone is a band instrumet.

Which woodwinds are not in the orchestra?


What is a sentence for the word saxophone?

the orchestra had a saxophone player, that was really good! :)

When did the saxophone enter the orchestra?

Shortly after Adolf Sax created the saxophone.

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