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Q: When stravinsky came to the US he took an assistant conductor named what?
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When Stravinsky came to the US he took on an assistant conductor named?

Robert Craft

When Stravinsky came to the US what was the name of his assistant conductor?

Robert Craft

Who did most of Stravinsky's in composition come from?

Not sure what you're asking here, but Stravinsky's instruction in composition came from Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

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Much modern film music came from the direct influence of Igor Stravinsky's works. Igor Stravinsky was a composer from the turn of the century. His most influential compositions are arguably "the Firebird Suite" and "the Rite of Spring". When listening to these pieces of music it should become apparent that Stravinsky's original and groundbreaking arrangements were direct inspiration for many of the 20th century's greatest movie soundtracks.

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No idea i came here for that question

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I analised both pieces and had some friends analising them also. We came to the consution that both pieces have the same level of execution mastering but the Betthoven pieces have a bit more dificulty that the Stravinsky pieces.

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