When does kikyo die?

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kikyo dies just after pinning inuyasha to the tree she first tell her younger sister kaede to burn her body with the shikon jewel.

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Q: When does kikyo die?
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Does kikyo die?

yes she did

Does kikyo die in inuyasha?


What episode does kikyo die for good?

Kikyo dies (FOR GOOD) at the end of Episode 8 of InuYasha: The Final Act.

Does kikyo die in the final act of inuyasha?

Yes, kikyo does indeed finally die in the final act episodes of inuyasha. In episode 8 "among the twinkling stars". Kikyo dies in episode 8, yes, thank god, but before Kikyo dies InuYasha kisses her. *Yuck*

How did Kikyo die in the final act of InuYasha?

he was killed

What episodes of inuyasha does kikyo die the second time?

Kikyo get's killed the second time by Naraku at Mt.Hakure episode 118.

Does inuyasha choose kikyo?

No, he chooses Kagome. Kikyo's not really alive--she lives off the souls of other people's --and Kagome makes more sense, anyway. Also, Kagome and Kikyo are very different people, regardless of Kagome being Kikyo's reincarnation .But...yes, Inuyasha chooses Kagome, he loves her for who she is anyway--not for Kikyo. Ep 47-48 he chooses to be with Kikyo, but that doesn't happen, because Kikyo will die and Kagome is ended up to be with Inuyasha, and Inuyasha and Kagome were born for eachother not Inuyasha and Kikyo. Although Inuyasha does love Kikyo, but also Kagome.

What episode does kikyo die again?

Episode 8 of inuyasha: the final act

Does kikyo continue to live or does she die?

well kikyo came from the dead to get revenge on inuyasha,but only because she thinks he betrayed her. Then inuyasha explains that naraku(how ever you spell it) tricked her into believeing he did. But inuyasha falls in love with kagome and dontest fell the same way about kikyo so then kikyo dies and inuyasha feels bad.

What does the name kikyo mean?

Kikyo means "bell-flower".

What does kikyo mean in Japanese?

Kikyo means "Chinese Bellflower"

Does inuyasha kill kikyo?

No, Inuyasha doesn't kill kikyo, but in earlier episodes naraku kills kikyo desgised as inuyasha

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