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On her 17th Birtday

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Q: When does Jacob Black give Bella Swan the dream catcher?
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What does Jacob get Bella for her birthday?

a dream catcher

In the new moon movie dose Jacob give Bella a dream catcher?

Yes, Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher in New Moon.

What did Jacob get Bella for her birthday?

Jacob gave Bella a Dream Catcher... but actually it didn't work!

In new moon the book does Jacob Black give Bella Swan a dream catcher for her birthday?

no he gives her a bracelet with a wood carving of a wolf (him to be exact)no he gives her the bracelet in eclipse for a graduation gift and for a birthday present when shes 18 he just fixes up the two motorbikes for her and gives her one.not sure about the dream catcher . . .Karina said this-first of all in the movie for Bella's 18th birthday Jacob does give Bella a dream catcher.

What does Jacob get Bella for her 18th birthday in new moon?

in the film, he gets her a small handmade dream catcher in the book, he misses her

What did Jacob get Bella for her 18th birthday in Twilight?

Ummm... Bella doesnt turn 18 till new moon but he gets her a dream good withh just a pix with him ;)

What is Bella's home coming gift in Twilight?

some presents that Bella gets are a dream catcher from Jacob a boob box from Emmett a scrapbook from renee a camera from charlie a dress from Alice and a necklace from rosalie

In new moon who was laying dead on the forest floor in Bella's dream?


When does Bella find out Jacob is a werewolf?

She finds out in her dream, that was in twilight and new moon.

What happens to Jacob Black?

He grows up and eventually befriends Edward and Edward and Bella let Jacob become the godfather and he never gets married, because he is secretly still in love with Bella, fourteen years later, Jacob and Edward have a battle over Bella, Jacob was about to defeat Edward but then their baby,who is now 16 in human years, kills Jacob before he kill Edward. Bella gets really angry and eventually divorces Edward for fighting with Jacob for no reason. 1 year later, Bella has dreams of Jacob and thinks she see's him. Bella was out hunting when a werewolf fights her and it turns out to be Jacob's son, who is 20 years old. She has sex with Jacob's son. Then, Bella's daughter shows up and finds Jacob's son and Bella. Bella and her daughter have a big battle, Bella knocks her daughter out, then has more sex with Jacob's son. 9 month's later Bella is pregnant again with a half werewolf, half vampire SON. 2 months later, Jacob's son finds out how his father died and hunts and kills Edward. Bella's daughter finds Bella again and breaks her back. Then Bella wakes up from her dream and quotes "Holy s**t, that was the most f***ed up dream I ever had. And that's the story of TWILIGHT and what happens to Jacob Black.

In the movie New Moon what scene does Bella Swan find out Jacob Black's secret?

After he tells her to think about the stories he told her the first time the met on the beach in La Push. Bella remembers it in her dream/nightmare.

What are differences in the book new moon and the movie new moon?

first of all they left out A TON because Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher instead of a charm bracelet and at the end edward asks her to marry him and then the movie fust ends

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