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When he was training with jiriya in normal naruto (not in naruto shippuden). In episode 94 he finally masters rasengan.

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Q: When did Naruto learn rasengan?
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Does Naruto learn the rasengan?

Yes, he does

Does Naruto learn rasengan?

yes he does

When does Naruto learn Rasengan?

episode 86 jiraiya starts teaching naruto the rasengan. 83

Does Naruto learn rasengan on Naruto path of the ninja 2?

When you battle Jyakko in the Crystal ravine you get the rasengan tag, and you can equip it on Naruto to use the rasengan. :)

When does naruto learn planetary rasengan?


In what episode did Naruto learn rasengan?

In episode 86, Jiraiya begins teaching Naruto the rasengan move. In the 94th episode, Naruto finally masters the rasengan by making a clone of himself to act as a shell

Can you learn Rasengan as a customizable jutsu in Naruto ultimate Hero 3?

You can not have rasengan as a customizable jutsu. You can learn chidori which is almost the same thing.

Does naruto learn wind rasengan in Naruto Shippuden gekitou ninja taisen ex 3?

I don't think so, he uses odama rasengan although it takes place where naruto uses the wind rasengan on kakuzu he dos learn it it is so powerful that its stronger then kakashi but not as strong as wind shiriken

In Naruto Path of the Ninja 2 how does Naruto learn the rasengan?

u will have to keep on training to get a higher level :3

What episode does Naruto learn the nature manipulation rasengan?

He first uses it in chapter 330

Does Naruto teach rasengan to konohamaru?

Yes. Konohamaru originally thought he was going to learn an advanced form of the Oiroke no Jutsu, but he got Rasengan instead. He then used Rasengan against Pein, after proclaiming Naruto his eternal rival once again.

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In what Naruto Shippuden episode do you see Kakashi's rasengan vs Naruto's Rasenshuriken after his training?

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