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Jeff hardy won his first and only wwe championship at the armaggedon of 2008 in a triple threat match against edge and triple h

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Q: When did Jeff hardy won his first WWE championship?
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Has Jeff hardy won the WWE championship?

Yes Jeff Hardy has won the WWE Championshp as well as the World's Heavyweight title

Who was the first ever WWE champion?

Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy

What PPV did Jeff Hardy win his first championship?

If you want to know his first championship it was with Matt hardy on raw they won the WCW Tag Team Championship but his first major championship was at Armageddon he won against Edge and Triple H for The WWE Championship

How many times did Jeff Hardy win the WWE World Heavyweight championship?

Jeff Hardy had the belt a total of 2 times.

How did Jeff hardy leave WWE?

Jeff Hardy left WWE because he faced cm punk in a rematch for the world heavywieght championship witch Jeff Hardy lost so he was forced to leave WWE so now he wrestles for TNA.

Who will beat Jeff hardy for the WWE championship?

no one will beat him because i saw it.

Is Jeff Hardy going to win a championship again?

Yes at the great American bash 09 he will beat cm punk for the world heavyweight championship. .p.s. Jeff hardy might be leaving wwe on august 4 but that gives wwe time to keep hardy in wwe.

What WWE superstar defeated Jeff hardy in a ladder match for the WWE undisputed championship in 2002?


You sjeff hardy going to lose the WWE championship to edge at the royal rumble 2009?

yes Jeff hardy lost the wwe championship to edge last night sadly :(

Will matt hardy wrestle for the WWE championship against jeff hardy?

As of now NO. Matt Hardy has retired from active wrestling and Jeff Hardy is currently signed with the rival wrestling promotion TNA. So, at this moment, Jeff and Matt Hardy fighting for the WWE championship seems impossible. It may happen in future but there is no guarantee for the same.

Did Matt Hardy ever win the WWE championship?

No. Matt Hardy has never won the WWE Title. He is a multiple time WWE Tag Team champion and has also won the WWE United States championship. His brother Jeff Hardy has been a WWE champion

Who was the first superstar in the WWE?

jeff hardy

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