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He met come back to the wwe. I know that he is going back in 2011

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2009-04-28 11:42:34
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Q: What year is brock lesnar coming back to WWE?
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When did brock lesnar retire?

He retired from WRESTLING in 2005 after leaving wwe the year before he went to NJPW and was filed a lawsuit he is back in wwe but is "leaving and never coming back" 2012

Why did Brock Lesnar come back?

The easy answer is money. After having a successful run the UFC, Lesnar found his career cut short by constant bouts of diverticulitis. The WWE offered a limited date, one year contract for a hefty sum, which Brock happily accepted.

What year did Bill Goldberg retire?

In 2004 after his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX.

When will brock lesnar return to WWE?

he just signed a 1 year contract and is returning to wwe at WM 28

Did Brock Lesnar break his neck?

No, Brock Lesnar has not broken his neck. In 2002, Lesnar legitimately injured Hardcore Holly's neck in a match, which left Holly in need of neck surgery and being out of action for a year. In 2003 Lesnar botched a shooting star press and jammed his head and neck by hitting Kurt Angle's side and rib cage. Due to that Lesnar had suffered a concussion.

How much money does brock lesnar make?

He makes 47 million a year just for fighting one person

Who won in WWE brock lesnar or Triple H?

Brock Lesnar and Triple H fought 3 times over the past year or so as part of their feud. The results are:Lesnar Def. Triple H - at Summerslam 2012Triple H def. Lesnar - at Wrestlemania 2013Lesnar Def. Triple H - at Extreme Rules 2013

Who did brock lesnar fight to become ufc world heavyweight champion?

Brock Lesnar fought Randy "The Natural" Couture to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. The fight was at UFC 91 in November 2008 in which Lesnar defeated Randy by TKO in the second round. Lesnar went on to defend his title twice more before losing it to the current champion Cain Velasquez. Lesnar retired in the year 2011 after his loss to Alistair Overeem due to health issues.

When did brock lesnar quit wrestling?

Brock lesnar "quit" on the 5/7/12 edition of monday night Raw but this is just part of a story line because he signed a contract with the WWE for one year which means he can only make an appearance a certain amount of times.

How many necks did brock lesner break in WWE?

Brock Lesnar only broke one person's neck, Hardcore Holly. He was out of action for over a year because he (Holly) had to have neck surgery.

How old is WWE brock lesner?

Brock Lesnar was born July 12th, 1977. Thus making him 35 (as of October 2012) Edit: I edited the year, as the previous answerer put 1997

How many years has Brock Lesnar been in WWE?

1 year cuz he was not in the whole wwe but with his years it sound like 2 years

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