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Robin Ramzinski.

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Q: What wrestler was the movie the wrestler about?
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Last song played in the movie wrestler?

Last song in the movie the wrestler

What is your favorite wrestler movie?

The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomei is a great wrestler movie. It was released on December 17, 2008.

Was the wrestler the big show in a movie?

yes he was in the movie The Waterboy

What wrestler does actor Mickey Rourke portray in the movie The Wrestler?

Randy 'The Ram' Robinson. Is the Fictional Character Owen (The Hart) Wilson is the wrestler the Movie was written about no Owen hart was a Canadian wrestler that died when his harness failed not from a heart condition like the ram had in the movie. The wrestler is based on a fictional wreslter that shows the real side of wrestling.

What movie did Marisa Tomei star in?

The Wrestler

In the movie the breakfast club who is the jock?

Emilio estevez...the wrestler in the movie

Who are the ring of honor wrestlers in the movie the wrestler?

The only Ring of Honor wrestler to have a prominent role in the movie is the Necro Butcher as himself during the death match scene.

Is the movie the wrestler with mickey rourke in it based on a true story?

No it is not

What does Triple H do?

Triple H is a wrestler and movie star.

When does movie called the wrestler come out on DVD?

21st of April 2009

Is the movie The wrestler based on Ric flair?

No it is not based on any particular wrestler and certainly not Ric actually it is based on the life of Jake Roberts

What is the song that plays for Mickey Rourke in the Movie The wrestler?

Its Bruce Springsteen "The wrestler" from the album "working on a dream" you can buy the album or the single on itunes or in stores.

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